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April 7th, 2009 (06:53 pm)

I just got done with two HUGE tests... And now I have nothing urgent to do. So I'm just laying in bed recovering from a shower... An educational shower. Yes, I listen to YouTube shows while taking a bath. Yes, I take baths instead of showers. I know that taking a shower conserves water, and I know that some people say that bathing is like washing yourself in your own filth...

However, I prefer baths. My theory is that I have low blood pressure, and so showering makes me feel dizzy, woozy, sick, and tired. Bathing makes me feel tired too, but none of the effects are nearly so bothersome as when taking a shower.

I am so proud of myself with these few exams... I have passed... But not merely passed. Nay, I flew with flying colors, as they say. Very proud.

Well, it's time to get ready to go out for dinner, and I must find something expressive to wear.