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February 2012 Update

February 3rd, 2012 (09:44 am)

-I am now in grad school, getting a Master's.
-Still edge.
-Still with my boyfriend.
-Still training for that marathon... Went to the gym 4 times this week.
-Not hanging out with quite the same people, but close.
-I am friends with a bartender, of all things. He is just now realizing that there are other things in life than drinking, so he actually will go out bowling and concentrate on the bowling instead of the beer, and go out to eat and not have to get alcohol. He's gay.
-I am friends with one of the two main friends I had last year. She just started college, and I feel like I am a good influence.
-I worked all summer long, which was a bummer. I will try not to do that this year. Now I have some money saved up.
-I went to France, which was extremely difficult with being edge, because people were encouraging you to drink, getting drunk, putting alcohol in my food, and I took a tour of a winery. I was a good sport and braved it out, but to be honest, I was really lonely. I did find out that college kids in France don't drink, they just dance and hook up. Awesome.
-I went to Baltimore for a trade show, which was pretty awesome.
-My GPA is really great. I have one B+.
-My diet is pretty good. I've backed off on the raw a little bit as compared to my last post. Instead, I am trying to use up all of the food that I have before buying more. It's been an interesting experience, seeing as though I'm down to stuff like vegan jello powder and nori. Good thing my dog likes to eat nori.

How are you???