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16 June 1985
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No drugs.
No sex.
No caffeine.
No alcohol.
Avoid secondhand smoke whenever possible.
All-natural foods.
All-natural soaps for hygiene and cleaning.
Vegetarian diet.
Keep stuff organized.
Keep stuff clean.
Do your work. (No self-sabotage!)
No picking. (No self-destruction.)
Don't waste gas, electricity, or trash (our bountiful resource for projects.).
Reduce/Reuse/Recycle Everything
Don't support sweat shop labor. (Goodwill, fabric stores USA, Amish, Fair Trade, and Made in USA only.)
Endurance exercise daily.
Stretch daily.
Strength train daily.
Get enough sleep.
Have no (intended) contact with popular music/culture/advertisement. (Continue to sing.) (Cover brand labels)
Think about other people more often... Read the news, think about charity
Do more random acts of kindness. I tend to be too cynical about people.
Think more about my future. "What I am going to do when I grow up".